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Faced with the complexity and uncertainty of litigation, and always affected by its outcome, many large companies employ a chief litigation officer and a supporting team of other experienced in-house litigation counsel. The best of these counsel are able to design and drive effective litigation strategy for one large case or for the company as a whole, because they understand what works in the courtroom and what doesn’t. They know how to manage litigation in a manner that is closely aligned with the business goals of the company.

Bringing this same understanding and experience, and having worked with and against top trial lawyers in high stakes litigation around the world, our mission is to fulfill a similar role for growing innovation-driven companies that do not have a sufficient quantity of litigation to justify in-house litigation counsel and yet want or need the expertise and experience to manage their risks.

Typically hired by the General Counsel or Chief Litigation Officer, Farber LLC functions as a strategic asset and provides an experienced resource on an as-needed basis in the following areas:


Design and implementation of comprehensive processes and programs to manage litigation risk across a corporation’s portfolio of cases

Strategy and plan creation for large individual cases involving technology and innovation

Development of practical and efficient litigation teams, aligned for the mutual economic benefit of the corporation and its trial counsel

Evaluation and communication of risks and opportunities to the business team and trial counsel