Pat Halloran, Ph.D.
Of Counsel
Intellectual Property

Rosalind Franklin School of Medicine / The Chicago Medical School (Ph.D. Immunology - 1994)

The National Cancer Institute (Post Doctoral Studies - 1994-1996)

Chicago-Kent School of Law (1999 - J.D.)



United States Patent and Trademark Office

Pat Halloran, Ph.D.

Patrick Halloran has over twenty years of experience providing counsel to clients in the biotechnology and biopharmaceutical industries on intellectual property matters. He has experience as both in-house intellectual property counsel as well as in private practice. In addition, Patrick has a doctorate in the field of immunology.

As in-house IP counsel at Sanofi Pasteur, one of the top twenty pharmaceutical companies in the world, Dr. Halloran’s experience spanned a wide range of technical areas within the life sciences, including, for example, biotechnology, biochemistry, and pharmaceuticals, as well as licensing and collaborations.

Previously, Dr. Halloran was an associate at McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert and Berghoff, a Chicago-based law firm that specializes in intellectual property. In private practice, he assisted a variety of clients ranging from startups to global corporations with the development and protection of intellectual property assets.

Dr. Halloran’s practice is focused on an array of technologies including therapeutic molecules, e.g., recombinant nucleic acids, proteins, peptides and antibodies, gene therapies, vaccines, and synthetic tissue scaffolds; transgenic animals; genomic and proteomic tools and assays; high-throughput screening assays; dietary supplements; medical diagnostics and equipment; and biopharmaceuticals.

Dr. Halloran received his Ph.D. in microbiology and immunology from Rosalind Franklin School of Medicine / The Chicago Medical School (1994), conducted post-doctoral studies at The National Cancer Institute (1994-1996), and his J.D. from Chicago-Kent School of Law (1999). He is admitted in practice in Illinois and the United States Patent and Trademark Office.